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College Funding Strategies

With the price of a college education skyrocketing, more families than ever before are asking these questions:

  • Will we have to pay the school’s sticker price?
  • Are we candidates for financial aid?
  • How much financial aid could we expect?
  • Can we improve our financial aid eligibility?
  • Is our student eligible for merit-based scholarships?
  • What do we need to do to get the scholarships?
  • Are 529 College Savings Plans the right choice?

We can answer these questions for you, and additionally provide the following in order to help reduce and manage to overall cost of college and simplify the process:

  • Project accurate and realistic retirement income scenarios
  • Provide suggestions to improve your cash flow efficiency
  • Create and implement a college funding strategy
  • File and consult on your FAFSA & CSS Profile
  • Determine your Effective Family Contribution (EFC)

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